There’s still time to purchase your Coolidge masks! Sale ends this Friday. Thank you for supporting this fundraiser!

These unique times have given the PTO some creative fundraising opportunities! We want to kick it off by giving our Coolidge Cougars ways to stay healthy and protect themselves in the classroom (or around town) as we head back to school. As a result, we are offering 3 great and practical products as our first fundraiser.

  1. Face Masks – Child size masks have the Coolidge Cougars name written on the bottom right hand corner in a choice of two colors: blue and pink. These lined masks are washable and have adjustable ear loops. Parents can easily write their student’s name inside the mask as well with permanent marker. We also tested these on some kids who approved them for comfort.

    * Please note that these masks are NOT medical grade and are NOT replacements for medical grade personal protective equipment. They do not guarantee full protection against COVID-19.

  2. Lanyards (Mask Keeper) – Lanyards are an easy way to keep masks on the children at all times. These Coolidge custom lanyards can be slipped over the child’s head and clipped to the ear loops on the masks.
  3. Mask Pouches – Mask pouches are the perfect place to store extra masks during the school day. They have the Cougars name written on them with yellow paw print. Masks will be personalized with the student’s name on them as well. They have a zipper close and a carabiner clip so students can easily attach the pouch to their bookbags. This personalized touch allows each student to keep their mask safe and avoid misplacing their masks.

These products are great for both in-school and remote learners alike. Show off your Cougar pride around town and support Coolidge in the process!

Please email Kelly Harteveld and Lauren Kavanagh with any questions.