Our holiday fundraiser looks a bit different this year, but we are still hoping to convey the same sense of togetherness and community that is the Coolidge way.

This holiday season, we invite you to participate in our “Coolidge Shines Bright” fundraiser.
We are offering a set of 10 luminary bags  (paper bags and flameless tea light candles) along with Coolidge themed knit hats.

Our hope is that we will all display luminaries outside our homes on New Year’s Eve as a message of unity, strength, and of course light, heading into 2021. And the hats are perfect for the season, and also provide that community feel as we see everyone wearing them around the blacktop.

Hats are one-size-fits all, and we are offering 9 different styles.
Please see below for pictures of both the hats and luminaries.

These items are on sale now through November 26 (Thanksgiving).